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    Carla Vangelista


The Lovers

Author: Carla Vangelista

A love story that explores how we navigate the dangerous and powerful nature of love. When used improperly, it can make you its slave, or worst; but when harnessed, it can set you free.
Elodie is no ordinary taxi driver. Brought up in a circus of ice-skaters, her mother taught her that love is freedom and freedom is loving without strings attached. But her real initiation began with Alain, an older man who taught her everything in the game of love but how to really love. His initiation set the benchmark for all her other expe- riences. Elodie keeps a little red book, containing the rules of The Game. Every now and then, she lets someone find it, and waits to see what happens.
Guy is the most conventional man Elodie has ever met. He lives in the suburbs of Paris with his wife and children. Every day, he com- mutes to the office, and strives to be the obedient, dependable man others expect of him. Guy is dying of asphyxia, but he doesn’t yet know it… until he meets Elodie, who introduces him to her game. What begins in the spirit of fun soon turns into something much more important, where the words love, freedom, honesty take on a whole new purpose. Both Guy and Elodie ultimately pay a price for their choices. And for carelessly playing with the cards life has dealt them.

As Guy musters the courage to strive for his dreams, Elodie is about to lose one of the few people she truly loves. Camille, her best friend, is dying. And when she does, a fragile Elodie will be alone in the world.

The time has come for Elodie to admit that freedom comes at a cost. And to make her choice

Publisher: HarperCollins Italia
Publish Date: 2017
Page Count: 285

is an author, translator and screenwriter. She lives in Rome.
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