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    Lorenzo Beccati


The shadow of Pietra

Author: Lorenzo Beccati

An historical novel that will keep you sitting at the edge of your seat for 400 pages. It ticks all the boxes.

In the seventeenth century, it took very little, for a woman to be fea- red, hated, even branded a witch and burnt at the stake. Pietra is the proof. Raised in Tunisia, she seems to invite prejudices; or rather she does nothing to stop them. So it is no surprise that many would like to see her dead. A “diviner” of extreme intelligence, superior to that of any man, she is the most feared women in the region. Yet, she is also the first person the townspeople turn to when they need help, especially if it involves death or dispute. Especially, if the sta- kes are high.

General Ambrogio Doria, Patriarch of one of the noblest Genoese families, is no exception. Shocked and embarrassed by the disap- pearance of his guest, the Flemish painter Master Rubens, he fears for not only for his reputation, but for his life.

Pietra knows something terrible is at work, even before the General knocks on her door. It is up to her, the outcast, a woman stronger than she looks, to find the missing artist. But she must move in great secrecy, in the shadows and against the clock. For she is not the only one looking for Master Rubens.

A novel that brings the superstitions of seventeenth century Europe alive. Murder, sex, art and black magic, all wrapped up in one bril- liant historical novel that reads like a thriller.

Publisher: Dea Planeta
Publish Date: 2018


Lorenzo Beccati (Genoa, 1955) is an Italian author and screenwriter. He has contributed to many of Mediaset’s television shows, including Drive In, MegaSalviShow, Lupo solitario, Odiens, Paperissima, Paperissima sprint, Estatissima, and Striscia la notizia, where he performed the voice of Gabibbo, the station’s mascot.

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