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The Summer We Fell From Grace

The story of a family of four that must escape the “unspeakable” in Southern Italy: the ‘Ndrangheta, Italy’s most notorious criminal organization. Salvatore and Laura Silvestro are the parents of two young girls, Caterina and Margherita. Margherita can still hear her aunt’s screams during the night that started the “focu,” the misfortune, three years earlier. After that horrible night, the Silvestro family was forced to flee Calabria and live in exile in Northern Italy. But when Uncle Ntoni dies, Salvatore must return to Calabria for the funeral, leaving his wife and children behind. Narrated by young Margherita, this novel alternates between the present, when the Silvestros are forced to come to terms with their past, and the uneasy memories of a shameful event.

Publish Date: 2021
Page Count: 336