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    Sarah Savioli


The Unsuspectables

Author: Sarah Savioli

An entertaining and unpredictable mystery solved by a female investigator who knows that plants and animals make the best witnesses of all. After a minor cerebral hematoma, Anna finds herself communicating not only with her husband and newborn baby, but with all sorts of plants and animals she has never even met before. This extraordinary gift grants her a new way of seeing the world and an unexpected job offer at a private investigative agency. She and Harlequin, her Great Dane prone to flatulence, join investigators Cantoni and Torino in resolving the case of a 34-year old former drug addict who presumably precipitated from the fourth floor of her apartment building. While Cantoni and Torino are out interrogating relatives and neighbors, Anna consults with her Great Dane, the plants in the garden, a suicidal pigeon, two elderly turtles, and other living creatures. Her perseverance, instinct and particular set of skills lead the team in the right direction. Thanks to her experience as a scientific forensic expert in the police force, Sarah Savioli offers a fresh and amusing approach to the mystery genre.

Publisher: Feltrinelli
Publish Date: 2020

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