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    Susanna Tamaro


Way of the Cross

Author: Susanna Tamaro

A crucial book presents prayers and meditations for the Stations of the Cross in a world that values power and money over Christ’s teachings. Power is like a highway, easy to find and well-lit by neon lights, but love is like a little path hidden in the woods. Susanna Tamaro leads us down this little path, showing us that faith can overcome any obstacle, even the absence of strong and significant roles for women in the Catholic Church.

Publisher: VandA.ePublishing
Publish Date: 2013
Page Count: ebook

Susanna Tamaro (Trieste, 1957) moved to Rome when she was 19 years old to attend the Experimental Center of Cinematography. After graduating with a degree in film direction, she worked on various television documentaries, and as an assistant to the esteemed Italian director Salvatore Samperi. In 1981, during a month-long stay in a small town on the Austrian-Hungarian border, she wrote her first novel Illmitz, which was refused by over 30 publishers. She was not published until 1989, and her debut novel, Head in the Clouds, won her the Elsa Morante Opera Prima Prize. In 1994, she wrote the bestselling novel Follow Your Heart, which became the most commercially successful Italian book of the century. It sold over 16 million copies in 40 countries, and was adapted into film by Cristina Comencini. She currently lives on a self-sufficient farm in the Umbrian countryside, where she produces honey. In addition to writing, gardening, and practicing martial arts, she devotes her time to various humanitarian projects that assist women and children. In 2000, she founded the Tamaro Foundation, which is funded by donations and her books.
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